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The Custodian

Supernatural Horror thriller, The Custodian.
By Tony Arthur

Tony Arthur, author of the provocative, supernatural thriller, The Chosen, is at it once again. His second novel, The Custodian, is as riveting as it is thought provoking. 

Earth is in a state of decay. Since the advent of the industrial revolution, pollution across the breadth of her lands has reached an alarming proportion. In her seas and oceans, what it doesn't decimate, indiscriminate and excessive harvesting have wiped out entire species. Many others are on the brink. And the earth continues to endure brutal rape at the hands of industry, in search of oil, other energy sources, and precious metals. Depletion of the ozone layer has led to global warming. With the resulting climate change the polar caps are melting, ocean levels are rising. Many coastal areas are disappearing. And to top it all off, is an exploding global population consuming the earth's resources at an unsustainable rate.

How long can Earth endure such ravages?

Enter the Custodian, a supernatural being whose mission is to rescue Earth, and to restore balance. The Custodian brings a new order to achieve its goal. In this new order the preservation of Earth is paramount. And it will be achieved by any means necessary. The human population(s) of the planet will learn the meaning of expendable when man becomes the hunted.

The Custodian is available in digital media at and Amazon Kindle. You can also purchase it here in epub or PDF formats. Just click on PayPal Buy Now button.